Music video director, photographer, and musical artist A.Jay.D (Albert Jarell Diaz) was Born Jan. 20th 1988 in Bronx N.Y. As a kid he grew up filming short films and recording comedic music before the YouTube/Myspace era. Eventually, family and friends pushed him to take his talent seriously and he did. Since 2006 he’s finished 8 mix-tapes that received a great response and an EP. He’s done countless paid collabs and over 50 music videos directed. His music is a reflection of his childhood, his breakups and past relationships, his frustration with his music career, the people who used him to get where they are now and all his current struggles. He’s fused with countless flows, multi-syllables and wordplay inspired by his favorite artists such as Mike Shinoda, Eminem, & Lupe. He’s always seeking ways to make himself different from everyone else to standout. His music video directing is inspired by the styles or Tim Burton, Robert Zemeckis, & the concept filming of Eminems music videos. He’s worked with artists like Jon Connor, Maffew Ragazino, Wais P, Nemo Achida, Skyzoo, Jin and MiLKMEN. He’s currently working on his album NOBODY ROOTS FOR GOLIATH entirely produced by his label partner ROBi. He’s also working on a collab album and mixtape with TyPhilly of MiLKMEN that should be out before his album simply titled DOPE DEALERS inspired by their song DOPE DEALER.  It comes without saying he’s hungry, he works hard, he gives every song, every line, every verse his all and he’s ready for anything that’s to come. Taking advantage of any opportunity is a given and showing what he’s made of at anytime and any place is a must.


Be sure to check these links below for his recent work.

(Music Video) A.Jay.D feat. Skyzoo – Attack of the Clones

(Song) For Peets Sake feat. A.Jay.D – OOAK

(Song) A.Jay.D – Burn it Down

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