A.Jay.D x Linkin Park – Burn It Down Remix (prod. by ROBi) w/Lyrcs




Up, up, just to let me down, you sold me out like a LP show,
Can’t reroute on the road you broke and I won’t fake smiles for the life that you chose,
If you seen what i saw then you might revoke, It’s way too late no mistake can erase,
You live everyday with the burns on your face,
now everyone sees who the fuck you became a…MONSTER,
A psycho recycling the cycle in the psyche, Ignoring what they could be
Do whatcha use to, pollute their future
Inhale human ashes & light the roof up,
Your mind became fried when your lies produced hate,
You won’t realize till your time is too late,
It all burnt down you let pride reduce pain
It all comes down to the life that you made…
You never stay sane you remained the villain,
you became everything that I thought you wouldn’t,
Watch me pour rain when the skies are burnin
& shut the shit down till your life’s deserted,
holding my applause till you close your curtains
Admitting you were wrong to ignite surface,
every word that you served came back as bullets,
So when you turn on the curve I’ll gladly pull it,
You were built with no bricks,
You shoot with no clips,
You kill with no will,
You’re pain is selfish…
Your soul is vacant,
Your life is wasted,
And nothings changing,
Cause times erasing…
You betrayed everything & killed a dream,
The remains on the scene make it hard to breathe,
I’m a king on this board, one moves all I need,
Your a knight with a sword, take L’s for the team

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