A Combination of The Two by For Peets Sake & Rum Santana (FREE Mix-Tape)

Let me be clear, this website is made to ONLY promote the works of myself (A.Jay.D) but when you have artists like For Peets Sake & Rum Santana dropping a project together….all rules go out the window. LOL I’ve been following these guys since I first met Peets a couple of years back…I’ve been a fan ever since. The ambition, the hard work, the loyalty, and the constant love and support they give myself & my team shows me that they’re not just artists or just friends…these guys are family to me. I haven’t even heard the tape yet and I’m posting it because I FCK with them THAT much. Download the tape & replace it with all the crap that came out this 2012 and hear the unique incredible flow, lyrics and delivery by For Peets Sake and the hungry jab after jab eat your face without bath salt bars (LMAO) by Rum Santana!!
I present to you “A COMBINATION OF THE TWO” by For Peets Sake & Rum Santana !!!